RtWR 2016 Episode Twenty-Six

RtWR 2016 Episode Twenty-Six

This is the twenty-sixth episode in a series, retelling the Road to Wrestlemania 2016. This episode covers part three of Wrestlemania 32, originally televised April 3, 2016.

Match #1: Tag Team Championship Match

Enzo and Cass lead a raucous crowd as they prepare for their championship match, ripping a cutting promo about the stagnant state of the division, declaring that it would be revitalised, starting tonight.

The match kicks off with Big E and Cass trading blows, attempting to knock the other off their feet, while Enzo stirs up the crowd from the apron. But the presence of Kofi Kingston at ringside makes things difficult for the Realest Guys in the Room, as they constantly have to keep an eye on him, distracting them at key moments.

The pace picks up, and Enzo and Cass remove Kingston as a distraction, hitting him with a Rocket Launcher off the apron. Big E tries a running spear, but Cass jumps out of the way, leaving Big E to crash into the barricade outside the ring. With Woods all alone, Cass takes him out with a Big Boot, and tags in Enzo for the Rocket Launcher.

But Kingston slides back into the ring, hitting Trouble in Paradise on the falling Enzo, and picking up the disqualification.

Big Cass is enraged, connecting with Big Boots to both Woods and Kingston. Disappointed, Enzo exits the ring, and Cass follows him up the ramp.

The New Day celebrate in the centre of the ring; a loss, yes, but they retain their titles.

As they stand there, two hooded figures slide into the ring, and quickly take out Woods and Big E. Kingston turns straight into a Running Boot, and his limp body is lifted up onto their shoulders before being slammed down onto the mat. A Magic Killer.

The hoods are revealed, and Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows stand tall over the champions.

Match #2: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Most of the wrestlers taking part in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal make their way to the ring as one group. Those that get entrances include Zack Ryder, Big Show, Kane, Sheamus, and finally...

Wade. Barrett.

Sheamus, eyes wide with shock, barely has time to recover before the Bad News hits him, driving him back as the brawl erupts around them. The Ascension go to work, targetting some of their larger opponents, working together to topple Mark Henry and Kane, though neither is eliminated yet.

Baron Corbin goes on a tear through the ranks, eliminating three wrestlers in quick succession, before walking into a KO Punch from Big Show.

With Sheamus collapsed in a corner, Damien Sandow and Barrett work together to eliminate Mark Henry and Johnny Gargano, before Sheamus returns with a vengeance.

Only to run straight into a Big Boot from Adam Rose, as the Social Outcasts work with Barrett to eliminate the leader of the League of Nations, before Curtis Axel and Rose are eliminated by Kane and Big Show.

Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, and Samoa Joe work together briefly to eliminate the former tag team champions, and soon the six men left are Crews, Corbin, Joe, Ryder, Sandow, and Barrett.

The NXT wrestlers work together, eliminating Sandow, Ryder, and finally Barrett, but when it is down to three, neither Crews nor Corbin can put aside their differences long enough to focus on Samoa Joe, who runs over both of them, eliminating them both in one fell swoop, to claim the 3rd Annual Battle Royal as his own.

Match #3: Brock Lesnar vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger comes to the ring, accompanied by Bo Dallas. Dallas paces nervously at ringside, hoping that the work they have put in is enough.

Because here comes the pain.

Lesnar doesn't bother waiting for the bell. He charges Swagger as soon as his feet clear the ropes, carrying him back into the turnbuckle and pinning him in place, hitting him with shoulder after shoulder, before dragging him out into a clothesline.

Swagger crumples in the centre of the ring, and the Beast paces around the ring, a look of disappointment in his eyes. Lesnar dead lifts him up into the air and hits a German Suplex, before attempting a pin.

But Swagger kicks out.

Lesnar picks him back up, ready to suplex him again. But Swagger slips out of the hold, and takes Lesnar's feet out from under him, using his amateur wrestling background to gain a brief moment of leverage.

Before Lesnar shoves him off. Lesnar glares, cracks his neck, and takes Swagger down, using all of his MMA ground and pound techniques to break through Swagger's guard. He grabs Swagger by the throat, lifting him into the air, and hits another Suplex.

Swagger drags himself towards the ropes.

Lesnar pulls him back in and goes for the pin.

But Swagger kicks out.

On one side of the ring, Paul Heyman stands proudly, hand raised to keep the suplex count for the crowd. On the other though, Bo Dallas slams his hands on the apron, cheering Swagger on, willing him to respond. Lesnar taunts the Social Outcast, gesturing for him to get in the ring too. Dallas looks almost tempted, but grins as Swagger gets back to his feet, and Lesnar turns straight into a Spinning Clothesline.

Lesnar kicks out at 1, with Swagger barely able to start the pin.

Swagger tries an Ankle Lock, but Lesnar rolls out of it. Swagger manages to duck the following Clothesline though, and for a brief moment drives Lesnar into the turnbuckle.

Before Lesnar all but throws him across the ring, leaving him collapsed in a heap.

Dallas looks despondent, as Lesnar dead lifts Swagger once again, lifting him onto his shoulders and hitting a resounding F5.

But Swagger kicks out.

Lesnar shakes his head, picking Swagger up again, hitting a German Suplex. Another German Suplex. Another German Suplex. Swagger's body is shaking. Lesnar picks him up to hit him with an F5, but pauses. And frowns.

He lets Swagger fall back to the floor.

Swagger keeps shaking.

He's laughing...

Paul Heyman yells for the Beast to finish it. Lesnar stares at Swagger in confusion as Swagger drags his bloodied body up onto his knees, and stares across the ring at the Beast; stretching his arms out as if to welcome more. His eyes darken. His smile gets wider.


The lights go out.

We're here.

When the lights return, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan stand on either side of Paul Heyman, and Bray Wyatt stands before a kneeling Jack Swagger. Lesnar rushes Wyatt, but he steps out of the way, as Swagger rises to his feet and connects with another Spinning Clothesline. Rowan and Strowman rush the ring, pummelling the Beast and preventing him from rising.

Wyatt and Swagger stand face to face, and Swagger smiles, and bows his head, ever so slightly. Wyatt gestures to the Beast, and Swagger picks Lesnar up, hitting him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb.

Bo Dallas stands at ringside aghast. Bray Wyatt smiles upon him, mock bowing slightly, before lifting Lesnar back to his feet, kissing his forehead, and hitting Sister Abigail.

He then kneels in the centre of the ring, arms outstretched, as the Wyatts, and their newest member, gather around him, staring down at the crestfallen Bo Dallas.


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In the next episode, the championships will be decided, and Hell will come to Wrestlemania...

Episode Card
Original Schedule | Revised Schedule

  • Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose | Enzo and Cass def. The New Day by DQ
  • Charlotte def. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks | Samoa Joe wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal
  • The Undertaker def. Shane McMahon | Brock Lesnar def. Jack Swagger by DQ
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