About the Bard

Tom Wells is the author of The Realm Apparent: Foundational World Building for Speculative Fiction, a contributing author to Tiny Owl Workshop’s Lane of Unusual Traders world building collaborative project, and is (still) pretending to write a novel.

And a play. And some short stories. Also modules for the card-based RPG Expedition.

He's very good at procrastination, essentially.

Raised by drop bears in the wilds of Australia, he now finds himself in the Bay Area of California;  it is yet to be determined whether or not he is now the most venomous creature in the area.

When he isn't working, you can find him scribbling notes onto whatever scraps of paper he can find lying around, developing stories and characters for tabletop role-playing games, and critiquing storytelling wherever he finds it.

He is also on Patreon, where even more stories can be found: https://www.patreon.com/kayfabecreative.